The project “SuCoLo” aims to provide a solid conceptual, methodological and empirical understanding regarding how to motivate sustainable consumer behaviour and deploy inclusive bicycle logistics to foster net-zero ways of delivery and pick-up of goods in urban outskirts. The project’s co-created designs will be tested in Salzburg, Leipzig and Merano.

Research Pilots with Local Living Labs

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Salzburg, Austria

Develop and test a webshop prototype with digital behavioural interventions for motivating consumers to choose sustainable delivery and pick-up options, and investigate the potential of goods pick-up at public transport stations.

Leipzig, Germany

Co-create concepts for pick-up stations and a delivery micro-hub, and use a local webshop and bike courier to test goods delivery via bicycles, cargo bikes, and pick-up stations.

Merano, Italy

Integrate accessible cargo-bikes into a bikesharing platform, build a co-created prototype pick-up station, and test delivery via cargo bikes for a local online market and bike courier.

Main Project Outputs

Simulation Model

A novel simulation model for bicycle sharing and delivery (cargo bikes), logistics hubs and local pick-up stations, according to factors such as walk- and bikeability and inclusiveness of neighbourhoods as precondition of offering sustainable consumer choices

Toolkit for Bicycle Hubs & Sustainable Logistics

A Toolkit for Bicycle Hubs & Sustainable Logistics for designing motivational, infrastructural and digital aspects of green logistics services that support sustainability, inclusiveness and social functions in neighbourhoods

Behaviour Change Guidebook

Scientifically designed and prototypically tested behaviour change techniques to foster consumer choices for green delivery and pick-up services

Recommendations for developing Sustainable Urban Bicycle Logistics Plans

Recommendations for developing Sustainable Urban Bicycle Logistics Plans (SUBLP) based on the living lab approach and participation methods involving all stakeholders along the bicycle logistics chain

City Adoption and Scaling of SuCoLo Solutions

Transfer of the project insights, results and scientific products, with adoption by municipalities as a part of their sustainable and inclusive development strategy for city peripheral areas

Our Consortium

This project has been funded by the FFG, MIMIT, BMBF and Vinnova under the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership, which has been co-funded by the European Union under grant agreement no. 905465.


Fostering sustainable consumer behaviour with inclusive bicycle logistics infrastructure in urban outskirts


Project Coordinator

Michael Thelen, MA

Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H.

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